The Great Lakes have been a vital source of nourishment over the ages and they continue to supply local fishermen with an abundance of refreshing, wild-caught fish.  Our fishing fleet brings you the best of that Great Lakes bounty.  We arrive at our nets early in the morning with the sunrise, ensuring that our catch will be the freshest possible.  

We transport our catch with great care, making sure it arrives for processing in excellent condition. Our well-equipped processing facility is specifically designed to run large volumes of fish in a timely manner.  We focus on cleanliness and controlling bacteria so that our end product retains its firm texture and “fresh from the water” flavor.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised that there is little to no difference between our frozen and fresh fish.  All of our frozen products are vacuum-packed and blast-frozen on the day of harvest.  We have taken the time to research proper freezing techniques and have implemented a strict set of parameters that are firmly adhered to.  Our custom blast freezers have been designed to guarantee a consistent, high-quality product every time.  

Our delicious fish products speak for themselves!  Enjoy them freshfrozen, or smoked and you’ll agree that Massey Fish Co. delivers “Great Lakes Finest Fish”!