Our Online Pate Ordering is now closed until November of 2023.

Online Items

Massey Smoked Pate' 179

Masseys Smoked Paté

We are happy to announce that our premiere product is now available for sale online!  We combined our wild caught smoked fish with fresh, all-natural ingredients to create mouth watering patés that will leave you craving more!  Try our Whitefish, Lake Trout, or Salmon paté on your favorite cracker or toast and you will understand why our smoked fish spread is the absolute best!





Going Green

We have decided to go green!  All items will be shipped in Green Cell Foam Coolers and made from corn grown in the USA.  The coolers are water soluble, compostable, and burnable for a safe and simple disposal.  Click on the link below to see how to properly dispose of your Green Cell Foam liners!